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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

    What collection responsibilities does the City Treasurer have?
      The City Treasurer is responsible for collecting delinquent real estate taxes, delinquent personal property taxes, and delinquent business license taxes as well as some categories of bad checks. The City Treasurer also administers the Tax Sale program for the City of Roanoke. The City Treasurer is the department responsible for administering taxes and for collection of delinquent taxes owed to the city. Most often, questions about why you are getting a particular bill can best be answered by calling the City Treasurer at 540-853-2561.
    Where is the Treasurer's Office located and how do I get there?
      The City Treasurer is located in Room 254 on the Second Floor of the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building at 215 Church Avenue in downtown Roanoke. The Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building is located between Lee Plaza on Church Avenue and the Roanoke Times Building on Campbell Avenue.
    Where do I pay my bill?
      The City Treasurer's Office handles all payments.

      Here is Information on Paying Taxes & Bills including e-checks and credit card payments.

      If paying by mail, the address is:
      City Treasurer
      PO Box 1451
      Roanoke, VA 24007-1451

      If paying in person, the office is located on the Second Floor, Room 254, of the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building at 215 Church Avenue in downtown Roanoke.

      There is a drop box located on Church Avenue across from the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building adjacent to Lee Plaza and in the lobby. This box is for "non-cash" city payments such as checks and money orders.

      All checks, cashier's checks or money orders should be made payable to City of Roanoke, Treasurer.

    My tax payments are due on the 20th of the following month, but what if the 20th falls on a weekend or a holiday?
      If the 20th of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, the payment due date becomes the next working day. For example, if the 20th falls on a Saturday, the payment due date will be Monday.

Real Estate Taxes
    What is meant by Fiscal Year Real Estate collections? And, why is the first installment of Real Estate Taxes due in October?
      The city collects Real Estate Taxes on a fiscal year basis from July 1 to June 30, which corresponds with the City's accounting year. Since the fiscal year begins in July, the first installment is due on October 5 and the second installment is due on April 5 of the following year. The fiscal year will indicate the years these installments are due. The first date year in the fiscal year will indicate the year the October 5 installment is due and the second date year will indicate the year the April 5 installment is due. For example, the FY 09/10 installments are due on October 5, 2009 and April 5, 2010. The FY 08/09 installments were due on October 5, 2008 and April 5, 2009. These installment payments are due and payable to the City Treasurer at the address above.

      For more information on Real Estate Taxes contact Commissioner of the Revenue and Roanoke City Treasurer.

Personal Property Taxes
    Where can I get information regarding my personal property tax?
    How do I appeal my Personal Property Tax assessment?
      The Commissioner of the Revenue directs the assessments and can advise you of the steps to take for an appeal. Call (540) 853-2521 for more information.

Parking Tickets
    Have you received the money for my parking ticket?
      All payments for parking tickets are received by the City Treasurer's Office. We can check the computer entry to determine if your payment has been received by the City Treasurer.
    What is the telephone number to call when my parking ticket has gone to court and I have received a court summons?
      Call the Traffic Division of General District Court at (540) 853-2767.
    Are the days mentioned on the parking ticket "working" days or "calendar" days?
      The days referenced are calendar days.

    If I just received the notice today, how can I pay it on time?
      If you would like to pay by check or money order, there is a collection box for "non-cash" city payments located on Church Avenue across from the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building. If you are unable to pay the ticket by the due date, you may wish to contact Billings and Collections at (540) 853-6834.

      Visit the Parking Ticket FAQs Page for more information.

Other Services
    What is the telephone number for the ?
      Their telephone number is (804) 367-8031.
    Where do I pay my Sales & Use Tax and where can I obtain a sales tax exemption form?
      Virginia Sales & Use Tax payments, registrations, and exemptions are handled by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Taxation. All payments should be made to the . For more information contact:

      Department of Taxation
      (804) 367-8031
    Who do I contact to obtain a banquet license?
      For information on licenses to serve or sell alcohol contact the .
    If I am a food service business, do I have to obtain a health permit before I can get a Business License?
      Yes, a health permit must be obtained before a business license can be issued for a food service business. For more information on business licenses contact Commissioner of the Revenue at (540) 853-2521. For more information on obtaining a health permit contact Roanoke Department of Health

      Telephone: (540) 857-7807
      Fax: (540) 857-6691

      Alleghany/Roanoke City Health Districts
      Environmental Health Division
      PO Box 307
      Vinton, VA 24179

    How can I get a list of properties for the Tax Sale?
    Who can answer my questions about the state-wide Communications Tax?
      The Department of Taxation administers the new state-wide Communications Tax. Information can be found at this link: Communications Taxes