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Emergency Action Plan


1. Introduction: Type of event including date, start and end time, venue or route.

2. Command & Control
a. Event Manager (Person who has overal responsibility) Include name and how to contact during event.

b. Other pertinent points of contact: Safety Officer, First Aid, Security, Traffic/Crowd Control.

3. Communications
a. Describe how Event Manager will communicate with event staff (radio, cell phone, etc)
List details below (specific numbers, frequencies, tactical channels, etc).

b. Describe how Event Manager will communicate with the public (public address system, loudspeaker, etc).

4. Event Signage (to the event and around the event site) Explain, what are the signs, who will erect and dispose the signs, when they will be in position, and contact method.

5. Lost/Found Persons; Please provide plan for missing persons, contact method, and steps to be taken for reunification of missing.

6. Lost/Found Property; Please describe how lost property will be handled, where it will be collected, event staff member responsible, and contact number.

7. Evacuation Plan; Describe actions to be taken if the event must be evacuated. Consider who will make decision, how it will be communicated, directions for event staff, identification of exits and safe areas in which to evacuate.

a. Develop and share evacuation and notification procedures for severe weather alerts with event staff should they be issued (i.e. If a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued, event personnel will be notified via public address system and directed to seek shelter at X....).

b. If a linear type (i.e. march, marathon, etc), develop procedures to stop event, notify staff and notify and account for participants. Please identify potential evacuation points and areas of safety for participants along route.

8. Medical Plan & Procedures: Please identify provider of immediate medical services to participants including plan, location of medical aid stations, and routes for emergency transport should it become

Note: Please download and monitor a severe weather application on a smartphone to stay current on weather hazards. Advisories and watches are cautionary notices. Warnings mean that event has been witnessed or is imminent and emergency actions should take place (see 7.a)