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Berglund Performing Arts Theatre
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To book an event or for additional booking information, please contact:

Robyn Schon for Sports & Live Entertainment at 540.853.6861 or robyn.schon@TheBerglundCenter.com
Cathy Ring for Convention Sales - Meetings/Banquets/Tradeshows at 540.853.6860 or cathy.ring@TheBerglundCenter.com

Berglund Performing Arts Theatre (BPAT)
BPAT Technical Information (Printable View)

Dressing Rooms:

Lighting Equipment:
Front of House:
1st balcony rail 12 1k Major Yes
2nd balcony rail 12 1k Major Yes
1st Cove rail 0 0 N/A N/A
2nd Cove rail 8 750 Altman Lekos Yes

House Curtain:
Manual, operates as a guillotine or traveler from stage right deck.
Two back drops - one black and one blue cyc.
Four sets of Legs: 30' H x 12' W, black. Four borders: 5' H x 60' W, black.


Loading Dock:
One dock 10' W x 9'8" H, capable of handling two tractor-trailers at a time. House has forklift and Genie available. May need to forklift soundboard through front of house, depending upon size. Trailers can store on-site at stage door. Security available upon request.

Orchestra Pit:
One section, adjustable by hydraulic lift. Center line piano lift. Apron overhangs US wall of pit 4'4" (distance from upstage wall of the orchestra pit to the downstage edge of the apron).

Permanent Installations:
(Over stage) One 10' movie screen, one traveler, located mid-stage Line 27, two electric pipes on Lines 5 and 43, one cyclorama and one fire curtain. All can be moved with advance notice except for electric pipe. (On deck) One 66' loading bridge, located stage right grid, and one adjustable proscenium.

One Steinway Concert Grand - good condition. One Steinway Baby Grand - very good condition. One Yamaha Upright - good condition.
Professional tuner available with advance notice.

Rigging System:
Single purchase counter-weight system, hand operated. Up to 10,000 lbs. available. Forty-four (44) line sets. Arbors - 1,000 lb. capacity for counter-weight system. Chain hoists available via rental.

Seating Capacity:
The Performing Arts Theatre (BPAT) seats 2,148: orchestra - 1,281 (60 located in pit), loge - 282, balcony - 525. The BPAT can accommodate up to 16 wheelchairs for accessible seating.

House is equipped with a Soundcraft 200 Delta 24 x 4 x 2 mixing console located in the rear of the Theatre. Soundboard has 12 inputs and 1 auxiliary output. There are four (4) 15" Altec 70v speakers. Lines are run to light booth, fly floor, sound booth, follow spots, stage right, stage left, house and projection room. We also have an Otari MX5050 reel-to-reel, 7-1/2 ips and 15 ips. There is a Clear-com 3-pin intercom system. Cable can be run 215 feet from stage to road console in rear theater seating area. XLR connectors only.

Two full-service ticket offices are located in the BPAT.

Located at rear stage walk-around. One washer and dryer available upon request.

Wing Space:
Storage for set pieces measured from proscenium opening to first obstruction. STAGE LEFT WING - 20' x 25', patch board
downstage. STAGE RIGHT WING - 25' x 55', fly ropes.

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